Rocking Chairs in the Mirror of History

Rocking Chairs in the Mirror of History


The invention of the first best rocking chair dates back to almost 18th century. Humans have always been driven by their aesthetic sense. This sense compelled them to decorate their homes, bodies, surroundings, and even theirs’ everything. They have always been trying new things in every field of life just to satisfy this need of theirs. For this they have used different tools and equipments made by them. Every man in himself is an inventor of something whether it got fame or not. In the field of inventing rocking chairs, they have trying their best to make it beautiful.

That is why; it has passed through many transitions and stages before getting this fame. Moreover, the health benefits given by this chair have made it a landmark in the history of the world.

Brief History

The rocking chairs have a long history which dates back to almost 18th century. According to most people the first rocking chair was made by Benjamin Franklin something in 1704 but no one is sure about this. People used to say that he was the man who first of all used these rockers to sit in his gardens. But it got fame in 1725 when Europeans began to use it in their homes. In the middle of the 18th century their fame was at peak in America when Wicker rocking chairs were made. Since then, its design and styles are changing day by day. In 1860s Michael Thonet made the first world famous light weight chairs. And this invention reached its peak in 1920s with the invention of folding rockers.

Health Benefits and Rockers

In the 1960s it got fame when American President was advised to sit in Rocking Chairs because he was suffering from back pain. After that these chairs became iconic. Kennedy used it at almost every event and gave it an unforgettable fame.

Rockers Now a Day

Now a day, these are considered the part and parcel of every home. Almost every mother wants to have these to get their baby sleep easily. Some are using it due to health benefits provided by it. Some old people are using it as a sign of authority and to tell the stories of past to their off springs.

In conclusion it can be righteously said that these chairs have a special importance in every home because these are well liked both by children and grownups. This has made the best rocking chairs unique asset of every home.