Not your ordinary scooter

So, what else can I say, Berlin was great. It was an amazing City. One of my favorite Parts was that there were these crazy electric scooters everywhere. Not like toy scooters, but like Vehicles. Like the kind of two wheeled vehicle that can take you around to go 45 kilometers an hour. I loved riding on them, and I love to see people riding on them all around the town. I was happy about this even before I realized the significance of the event. You see, what was happening is that these little scooters are actually made by UNU, and these very trendy little scooters are also totally environmentally conscious because they don’t use any fossil fuels. They run on batteries, and these batteries can be charged with in your own house, is there only about 9 kilograms and they are easy to bring inside and outside. They’re friendly and portable. So, what I actually saw was a city that was engaged with making itself healthier. These vehicles give no pollution. They are perfect for the environment, and they are almost carbon-neutral. The operation of the vehicle itself is carbon neutral, but the development in the fact that some people who are charging their batteries are using fossil fuels, makes them almost not carbon neutral. But, they are still far more carbon neutral than most vehicles, and I think all those other vehicles could learn a thing or two from these ones. What they lack in Horsepower, they make up for in saving the world. I think that that is a pretty even trade, even though it might be hard to convince certain people of that, I’m not too worried about convincing those folks, I think that they are basically a lost cause.

Gotta elektroroller kaufen! (buy a scooter!)