Myths about app store optimization

Myths about app store optimization

The tremendous growth of app industry

As far as business of apps is concerned it is really big and this is what makes app store optimization an important process. As there is a huge market for mobile users all over the world the number of people buying apps is also huge. It is surprising to know that the growth rate of app industry is more than 30%. As a result app store optimization is the most happening thing for marketers.

What is the degree of importance of app store optimization?

The fact is that app store optimization is very important because customers are in search for the apps.  If we take into consideration the app customers of iOS then about 63% of app customers have been found to be browsing in the app store in order to find new apps. The different ways by which customers can find new ways are websites, media and friends.

Change your title regularly to adapt to high ranking searches

As a matter of fact title is perhaps the most important factor of app store optimization.  Some of the ASOs have tried changing the title in order to get similar to top searches.  They would try to make different changes of the title on regular basis. However doing all this would not help to improve the ranking but it would harm the same.

Keywords are not that important

The truth is that keywords are important to a certain extent.  These are important as you can place them in your title and even in your description.  You should not put too much of keywords but you should use them. The titles of app which has keywords have a much higher ranking than those who did not had any keywords.

It is all about the ratings

However the truth is that ratings are important but they are not the ultimate feature.  The ratings do hold importance but they do not have much significance in affecting the rankings of the app.

As long as it is on the store people will find it

However the fact is that in order to get recognized you need to have lots of downloads. According to some ASOs if your app is on Google Play or App store it will be easily found, get downloaded and would also get the expected revenue.

These are some of the popular myths which people have about app store optimization.