So, every time that I take my little dog for a

So, every time that I take my little dog for a walk, I go past all of the great things that I love in this city. I happen to live right in the core of the city, and I strategically moved into the area that I like the most. In this area is my favorite Raleigh Spa, my favorite movie theater, my favorite restaurant, my favorite coffee shop, and basically my favorite everything. Even though I knew that I loved all of the things in this area,

I have still been surprised by how much it has improved my quality of life. I used to live in an area that was considerably less expensive, but I would end up spending a lot of my time, energy, and money getting myself over to this side of town just to spend my time. I guess I have learned from this that sometimes paying more can be totally worth it, as it is hard to put a price on quality of life. I mean, I haven’t dislike to living in other areas, but there is just something so beautiful about being able to walk my dog wherever I want, whenever I want, in the area of my favorite city that I’ve ever lived in that I most enjoy spending my time in. The fact that it is all just a few minutes away on foot, makes me feel like I have made a proactive decision in furthering my own happiness. So, that’s what I have to say on all of this, that I think that sometimes it can be totally worth it to take a risk, spend a bit more money than you’d like to, and move your life into a place that you love to be. Yes, not once have I regretted my cheaper, slightly bigger apartments in an area that I really didn’t enjoy spending much time in, and was kind of always just on the way to escaping from. So, I would recommend doing the same. I don’t love to give advice, and I give it very carefully and rarely. I’ve had bad experiences in the past, where my advice has gone around and bit people in the butt, especially this has felt bad when I had sort of just given the advice haphazardly. So, I’m saying that this is what I recommend doing, with full conviction.