Common Myths about App Store Optimization

                   Common Myths about App Store Optimization


In today’s modern economy people have started to make apps in order to earn money, and by way of ASO they have attempted to increase their business in order to try and earn as much as they possibly can. However, there are a lot of myths surrounding app store optimization. People assume these myths to be true, but in reality believing in these myths can actually make it quite difficult for you to earn money using your app. Some of these myths are provided below.

Myth: You Need to Keep Changing Your App’s Name:-

This is a huge myth that stems from the assumption that name changes can help you make your app more recognizable. The logic behind this comes from the assumption that if you change the title of your app in order to make it relevant to current searches and keywords you would end up getting more people stumbling on the app.

While on the surface this might sound logical, in truth it doesn’t make a lot of sense at all. You need to build your app’s user base, this is true. You need to be able to use app store optimization in order to find as many people as possible that would be interested in your app. However, using this technique is not a good idea at all. The people that would happen upon your app if you do this would not really be interested in downloading it, and since you have changed the name of your app what little audience you have managed to build would end up slipping through your fingers as they would not be able to find your app with the name that they recognize!

Myth: Ratings are Key:-

Another myth that a lot of people buy into is that all you really need in order to make your app succeed is to get yourself some high ratings. This is true in a certain way, much like many other myths. If you want your app to succeed you are going to have to get yourself some good ratings by providing a good experience. However, these good ratings are not all that you are going to need. You will need to provide your users with an experience that is meant for more than just boosting your ratings, only then will your app succeed! So work on creating a lasting impression only this will increase your app store optimization.